Welcome to my Severn River, MD fishing log. I am attempting to compile information about angling on this wonderful tributary. I've lived here all my life, but have only recently tried to "dial in" the intricacies of my home field. My goal for this blog is to record each day that I go fishing, the weather conditions, fishing technique, and subsequent results. Perhaps, with enough data, I can even begin to define some Severn-specific fishing style that I can pass on to the next generation! Please feel free to contribute to my blog and if you are a local angler, I encourage you to share your thoughts or critique mine. I am, after all, only a student of life. Thanks for stopping by and check in often!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Fishing Log- 4/19/2010

When I look down off of my pier, I see transparent grass shrimp skimming the sandy bottom. Buds of grass are beginning to become obelisk-like hideouts for perch and blue gills. The adjacent shoreline went from skeletons to full bloom oaks and dogwoods that reflect off the water and remind us that spring is truly here.
Ahh yes, spring- and with it comes striper keeper season! I was fortunate enough to get out on opening day on the 17th and bring home a 31 inch striper which I filleted and shared with friends and neighbors. My girlfriend, three friends, and I participated in the Boatyard Bar and Grill catch and release tournament this year and braved four foot seas by the bay bridge to land 2 fish (31" and 33"). We didn't win, but a great time was had by most; One girlfriend in particular gets the trooper award for sticking it out even after being soaked while napping on the bow. The rock are running hard now and seem to really love chartruese umbrella rigs at varying depths. Most of our luck was on the western side of the old susquehanna river channel, about 1/4 mi south of the bridge.
We saw marks all over the shipping channel, too, but the fish seemed to have serious lockjaw by the time we got there.
On the Severn front, I put a crab pot in with an eel that I caught and cut up, as well as some chicken necks. So far, I have 6 keeper crabs! My eel trap seems to be pulling in some good sized eels too- cant wait to go eel fishing!
Last night I went trolling off my kayak with a green beetle spinner and pulled in 8 white perch which I cleaned up and cooked over a fire. Delicious!
Spring is definently here so make sure to break out the light tackle and get out on the bay before the big ones leave the bay!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fishing Log- 4/1/2010

The weather finally began to clear up after several days of misery so I took advantage of the passing front and went kayak fishing in little round bay. I caught white perch in depths of 3-4 feet near fallen trees and reeds using a beetle spinner with 4lb test. I decided to go for a paddle, just for kicks, and threw a 1.5 oz gold kast master about 70 feet behind me and paddled at a normal rate. As I was rounding a corner near a dock, I got snagged on a log. As I turned around to right my equipment, I found that the log was actually pulling me...almost like a striper fight! When I landed it, turns out, it was a striper- about 20". Apparently they are here!

Water temp: 50
Air temp: 70
Wind: 0-1 mph gust
Tide: mid to high
Sky: baby blue
Time: 1700
Method(s): Casting beetle spinner in shallows by structure. Trolling kast master in 20-14 feet of water.
Pertinent info: Weather beginning to stabilize after days of low pressure system.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fishing Log- 3/30/2010

No go today. Brought my tackle box in and de-winterized most of my tackle. I restrung my ultra-light ugly stik with some cheap 4lb mono. My reel continues to be a Penn 420 ssg. I really love this setup- you get a good sporty fight, even with the little perch. I did actually cast a little bit in the shallows by my pier, but it was very overcast, cold, windy, and rainy. I also had a cranky girlfriend upstairs so I only casted a few times with no avail. Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer and the weekend beautiful. Hopefully we'll even get the boat in! My goal this week is to catch the first pickerel of the season. Pray for tight lines!

Water temp: 46
Air temp: 45
Wind: 10 mph NW
Tide: high
Sky: very gray overcast. Raining.
Time: 1800
Method(s): Casting 2" pink bass-assassin on plain jig hook. Dragging on bottom, bouncing on bottom, retrieving near surface in 2'- 5'.
Pertinent info: High wind and rain for previous 4 days- R/O fish inactivity due to unstable weather. R/O time to fish due to cranky girlfriend.

Praying for better days for everyone- especially her!

Fishing Log- 3/29/2010

First fish of the 2010 season! Ok, so it wasn't the most spectacular start to the season- one 8" white perch- but it means that warm weather is a real possibility at this point! Amazing that we had 4+ feet of snow only a few weeks ago and now there's buds on the trees and peepers singing on river road!
My season kick-off fish was a majestic white perch that I caught from my brother's kayak. I caught it by the rock jetty across from Bonaparte beach using a 1oz gold kastmaster. I casted from shallow water and did a hop and sink action near the surface. I was going for pickerel, but I'm not complaining... Not yet!

Water temp: 46
Air temp: 50
Wind: 4-5 mph S
Tide: high
Sky: gray overcast
Time: 1645
Method(s): trolling with 1oz gold kastmaster at edge of piers- unsuccussful! Casting same lure and jigging at mid waterline- successful!

Pertinent info: High wind and rain for previous 3 days- R/O fish inactivity due to unstable weather.


Hello to anyone who stumbles upon this blog! I used Google to help me organize my fishing results and techniques in the Severn River, in Anne Arundel county, Maryland. Not a whole lot has been published on this particular region, so I am pretty much starting my technique from scratch. Hopefully, one day I'll be able to make a pattern out of my log results and maybe even develop a few Severn-specific fishing techniques. Perhaps this info will even orient some future anglers to this area. Anyway, please feel free to contribute to the blog! My name is Steven and I can be emailed at